Evaluation Stipend Checklist

Download Implementation Checklist Form - 2009


To receive the additional stipend, all participating teachers must assist with the evaluation data collection. ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED EACH STEP, SUBMIT COMPLETED FORM TO DIANE SCHILDER AND SHE WILL ENSURE YOUR CHECK IS PROCESSED. Check each item you have completed to receive your check.

Complete the following Surveys:
• Survey Baseline Survey (Summer 2008)
• Summer Institute Satisfaction Survey (September/October 2008)
• Mid-Term Survey to obtain your suggestions about the process
Post Participation Survey (Spring 2009)
• Recruit another teacher in your district and ask if he or she will complete Spring 2009 survey (and receive a $5 Target gift card after survey is completed)

Student Assessments
Complete the following activities to ensure the evaluation has pre and post student assessment data:
• Email Diane Schilder at DSchilder@eval-inc.com topic of lesson and the date you are considering piloting it
• Email Diane if you change topic or date of planed pilot
• Review preliminary assessment and make suggestions for new items or changes
• Email Diane at DSchilder@eval-inc.com with items selected from assessment databases (or if you have posted to Wiki, email her to let her know where the items are posted)
• Email Diane the dates you are planning to implement your unit
• Obtain assessment from Diane and review for alignment
• Copy assessment prior to implementing lesson
• Administer pre-test assessment prior to piloting or implementing the lesson
• Administer post assessment after piloting and implementing the lessons
• Administer pre and post assessments to another group of students who have not participated in the lesson (either your own students or students from another class)
• Ensure Diane has copies of pre and post assessments by either mailing directly to her or giving to your TLCD
• If possible, provide examples of students’ work or your personal reflections on how the lesson went via email or through a telephone interview
• Share thoughts and suggestions about process

Additional Evaluation Activities (Interviews/Observations)
Complete the following additional activities
• Notify by email or phone 617-816-2026 Diane of the date of pilot and actual implementation
• Provide Diane with opportunity to observe one class
• During spring event or over the phone participate in a short informal interview to share your experiences about the process

Note: Contact Diane with any questions or comments. Note you can complete tasks with other teachers working on the project.