October 16
Gender Sameness or Gender Differences? Competing Prescriptions for Women’s Equality
Patricia A. Reeve, PhD, Department of History, Suffolk University

1.Nelson, “’The Forgetfulness of Sex’: Devotion and Desire in the Courtship Letters of Angelina Grimke and Theodore Dwight Weld,” Journal of Social History. 37:3 (2004): 663-679.
2.Venet, “The Emergence of a Suffragist: Mary Livermore, Civil War Activism, and the Moral Power of Women,” Civil War History. xlviii:2 (2002): 143-164.

Why were Angelina Grimke and Theodore D. Weld committed to equality in their sexual relations? What did they identify as the links between sexual and gender equality? How would Mary Livermore have evaluated their reasoning?

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