September 25
Indian Policy in the New Republic: Promises of the Revolution Denied
Julia Mize, Park Ranger, Boston National Historical Parks, National Parks Service

Treaties between the federal government and Native American tribes, Avalon Project, Yale University.
Though you have a packet of 16 treaties, you are responsible solely for:
1. Treaties with Oneidas.
2. Treaties with Six Nations
3. Treaty of Greenville
4. Treaty with Shawnees
5. Treaty with Delawares
6. Treaties with Chickasaws
7. Treaties with Creeks
8. Treaties with Chocktaws
9. Treaties with Cherokees

Considering the fact that over a period of more than 300 years Native Americans have had their traditional lands taken from them (legally or not), do you think the United States government should return and /or compensate the various tribes for land taken illegally?