September 11
Landscape and Climate as Determinants of Native American Cultures in the Northeast
Ellen Berkland, Boston City Archeologist, Boston Landmarks Commission

1.City of Boston Archaeology Program: visit
2.Lewis, Highway to the Past, The Archaeology of Boston’s Big Dig, chapters 1 and 2, pages 1-16
3.The Archaeological Northeast. Nichols, “Chapter 2: A Light But Lasting Footprint: Human Influences on the Northeastern Landscape”
4.Bragdon, Native People of Southern New England, 1500-1650, Introduction, pages 3-54.

How did the environment/climate shape the lives of Native Americans in the Northeast?

PowerPoint presentation available as Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Here are two articles that Ellen Berkland referenced from Smithsonian. One is about the archaeological dig at Washington's boyhood home; the second is about historical records indicating diminishment of fish sizes and populations.

Graphic scanned from the Ancient Fishweir Project.

Handout: Seashells, Seashells, By the Seashore, Georgess McHargue. May, 1996
Handout: Subsistence on Spectacle Island...

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